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Book review: Work for Money, Design for Love

Book review: Design for love, Work for Money

Book Review: Work for Money, Design for LoveAs a business owner I find it imperative to continue ones education. Especially within the world of design which is an ever changing beast of an industry. Although I’ve been in this business providing service, designs and solutions since 2005, it is important to gain new perspectives. As such, I’ve recently read a great book by a designer and author, David Airey.

Davids book “Work for Money, Design for Love” delves into what it takes to start and run a successful design industry business. It also speaks of current scenarios and pulling information from various big name designers with many years in the industry. The information found in this literature is definitely a great read and very helpful for the start-up or the design business owner with years of experience, as am I.

If you are starting your business or even if you have been providing service for years, this is a great book with which to gain new direction or at the least to see what others in this industry are encountering and how they are handling these different situations.

I found allot of good advice and tips for managing clients, creating passive income, marketing yourself or your company and was able to pull experience from some of the top designers in the industry. I definitely recommend this book to students, start-ups and existing owners. Read it as I did with an open mind and I assure you, you will find relevant information. Keep a look out for up and coming blog posts as well as our new shop featuring informative E-books all intended to help you to further your business in many different capacities including Social Media, Sales, Business Administration and much more.

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