Welcome to our Flash Animation Portfolio. The technology of Flash can be utilized in various ways to create a memorable user experience on a website. Animation can be used to liven up websites, grabbing attention and entertaining visitors keeping them on a website for longer periods of time. Take a look at how our Flash designers have been able breathe life into websites and satisfy our clients! Simply click the white arrow to the right to begin.

Gift Baskets by Curley Q

Gift Baskets by Curley Q WebsiteOfficial web site for Curley Q Gift Baskets. The goal of this project was to capture both the personality and professionalism of Gift Baskets by Curly Q.

Gift Baskets by Curly Q

Web Design, Logo Design, Photo Manipulation, Flash Design.


CottonmouthOfficial website for Cottonmouth, all natural and caffeine free energy drink developed to quench thirst and build healthy energy. For this project our team was commissioned to create a theatric user experience utilizing flash.


Web Design, Flash Design, Photography.


Found Wellness WebsiteOfficial website for Found Wellness, a corporate healthcare solution that provides comprehensive programs to keep employees healthy and productive. The concept for the logo centralized on the idea that health and nature are synonymous and we took this concept even further in the website design featuring flash video that flows seamlessly into the layout.

Found Wellness

Web Design, Logo Design, Photo Manipulation, Flash Design.


Eau-Claire Solutions WebsiteOfficial web site for EauClaire Solutions, an Environmental company that returns cleaner water to the environment through innovative techniques for wastewater treatmeant.

EauClaire Solutions

Web Design, Flash Design, Logo Design, Photo Manipulation.

Real Vast

RealVast WebsiteOfficial website for band VAST. On this project our team really had the opportunity to test their creativity. The design plays on the themes presented in the bands unique sound and past album artwork, while attempting to create something new and exciting.


Web Design, Flash Design, Photo Manipulation, Script Integration.