Advanced Wealth Partners


The brand AWP was in need of a graphic website redesign due to issues with their past designers. They wanted a better way to showcase their brand and a strong look and feel to reach their intended markets.


We started by graphically designing AWP a visually clean website on which to place all of their content in an effort to allow the consumer to easily reach their prospective services and receive the information very efficiently.

Their main emphasis was to build awareness of the benefits of using AWP and to educate the prospective consumer on the importance of acquiring insurance and wealth management from the right company, which could provide them with years of experience and a vast amount of knowledge in regards to insurance, wealth management and the many other services they provide. Ocuprosperity supplied all of the design on their website.


Upon secondary launch of the site many potential consumers were astounded as to the overall look and feel of the website as well as being able to fully understand what AWP had to offer in regards to service, knowledge and overall benefits.

Since the launch of their new website AWP has enjoyed an overall raise in their business in regards to visitors on their website as well as website users converted into paying customers and clients.