TaxCalculator.com.au commissioned our team to provide a strong logo and website graphics that would reach out to their prospective tax consumers and keep them coming back.


We started by designing a logo that completely fit their name and functionality. We found that the best approach was to actually use a calculator and the Australian content outline.

Ocuprosperity also went ahead to design all of the website graphics using colors that the Australian tax market could identify with, in an effort to both reach out to the consumer as well as assuring their return. We made sure to outline and feature specifically the functionality and benefits they had to offer and we were able to provide them a look and feel that consumers would feel comfortable coming back to use year after year.


TaxCalculator.com.au appreciated the clean and strong look and feel we presented them and we were able to land the concept within the first try. TaxCalculator.com.au is now one of the leading tax calculators in Australia and can boast a plethora of online users and subscribers.