Alternative Marketing Insurance


The brand AMS was in need of a brand redesign and a simple way of communicating their message via their website, an explanative video and brochures.


We started by ascertaining all of the individual services this company had to offer in an effort to better understand the company and have the ability to better explain the company and its efforts for their clients to prospective clients.

Their main emphasis was to build a video that can be easily distributed to their brokers, prospective and current clients. The video was created to both entice and explain the benefits AMS has to offer and to compare their services to that of other companies offering comparable services. With the use of modern animation techniques and a plethora of valid and interesting information, we produced a 1 minute video featuring animation and voice over which the owner felt not only fully explained their services but also was a great resource to use as a sales medium and for further recruitment of other brokers.

The brochures and website created were to stem from this video in an effort to assure all mediums were clear, concise and more importantly had a unified look and feel.


Upon launch of the video and distribution to all of the 200 brokers within the AMS network, the video was met with a high yield of satisfied and impressed brokers. Many brokers have commented that this video has made their sales efforts extremely simple specifically because the video details why a consumer should side with their services as opposed to others as well as the fact that the video features all of the information a broker would supply to their prospective client.