Breast Health Center of Ridgewood P.C.


The brand Breast Health Center of Ridgewood P.C. wanted to empower women to visit their facility as well as help to take away the anxiety that waiting for answers to exams caused.


We started by putting ourselves in the position of these patients taking such important tests and having to wait days and sometimes even weeks before receiving an outcome to their examinations. We wanted to make sure and bring forward the great benefit of visiting a facility that one, was so welcoming to women and two, understood that the process in other facilities were flawed and lacked that upfront communication once the exams were accomplished.

Their main emphasis was to build awareness of the benefits The Brest Health Center of Ridgewood provided their patients at the time of undergoing these very serious and nerve racking tests. By emphasizing in words and images the benefits of receiving answers immediately as well as the facility being built for women by women we were able to give the empowerment and soft touch we were looking to accomplish alongside of making patients feel comfortable visiting the facility to undergo these tests.


Upon launch of the site many potential referring doctors were asked to visit the site and give their opinion. The outcome was all the same, they all felt more than comfortable when referring their patients to this facility and due to the softness and benefits the site brought forward the facility has enjoyed an overall average rise in regards to walk ins and referred patients of over 30% the first year since the site was launched.