Remi Restaurant


The Remi brand needed a full redesign to bring modernity to their website and to allow them to reach consumers using their smart phone.


We started by visiting their logo and creating a color theme and design look and feel to showcase the logo which exudes fine dining and the pride of Italy.

Their main emphasis was to build a new modern website and to include a way for Remi to reach out to consumers that search and use their mobile technology when searching for restaurants.

The website designed allowed for consumers to make reservations either via the website itself or via reservation genie all from the convenience of one place. It also allowed for the consumer to visit their gallery of fine dining dishes as well the capability to view their entire menu.


Remi has enjoyed a raise within their business in regards to guests and over-all sales and many consumers when asked how they reserved or how they found Remi reply that the website definitely helped them to reach the Remi Restaurant.

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