MICASE wanted to become the “in” phone case for the I-phone and Android crowd and had no website with which to portray this or reach out to their intended market.


Ocuprosperity designed a website for MICASE which would reach their intended target of consumers with I-phones and Android phones. With the use of color psychology, hitting the streets to get what the consumer expected and wanted to see in their smart phone cases and vivid imagery, we designed a site that would both entice and appeal to their specific targets.

By studying their intended market and what specific images brought to light the fact that this case was the case they needed, we were able to create a website that served as an information portal to the brand as well as a great introduction for any who might happen to come to the website.


Upon launch of the site many potential business consumers approached MICASE in an effort to land their products in their specific stores. MICASE has grown from a 1 facility manufacturer to having multiple facilities in the Tri-State area and they are also featured in many locations in the New York area.