The brand Spokey had no icons or main character to showcase their message of bringing chat back to life from the dead. They also needed the app skin designed in its entirety as well as the app itself.


We started by building The “Spokey the Ghoul” character which was developed as the focal point of the Spokey brand to playfully communicate the concept that chat may be dead, but has unfinished business as well as elude to some of the ground breaking innovation in privacy unheard of on popular chat platforms prior.

We continued to use the same playful whimsy in regards to the skins design. We also designed all media and their website. The app is currently in the last phase of programming and will have specific features that the team believes will bring chat back into a modern and mobile technology age.


Spokey is now in the last stages of development and bug testing. The brand was able to acquire angel investment by displaying the design, mockups and presentations created by Ocuprosperity.