Jia Collections


The brand Jia Collections was suffering from a lack of sales because of their old style website. Their current site was not competing with the competition in New York and online.


We started by going to the streets of New York City, Midtown Manhattan and surveying Young business women and finding out what would entice them to purchase high end clothing from a website. We wanted to get into the minds of the consumers and see what websites they frequented for the high end clothing and what led them to purchase from these websites.

upon completion of our research we found that functionality and ease of use was a very big indicator to interested consumers as to whether they should purchase from a specific brand or not. Lastly the look and feel had to make them feel that this brand was on top of the fashion trend by being extremely clean and modern.


Upon launch of the site we initiated an email campaign to re-introduce the brand to its long ago customers as well as to new customers and young professionals we encountered in our research. The launch was a huge success, Jia Collections closed out an entire line of Fall clothing within a week and had to rush to manufacture more by the dozens. Jia Collections has recently opened a fully fledged design office with various designers in the downtown area and is on their way to opening a full clothing store in Mid Town Manhattan.