JLS Insurance Solutions


JLS Insurance Solutions needed a full website redesign. Their past website was out of standards in regards to HTML, was not responsive and needed a full look and feel over haul.


We wanted to use their new website design to emphasize the importance of having these different insurances and services in one place. How dealing with one company could make the prospective insurance consumers efforts more efficient and the convenience of making one phone call to service all of their insurance needs instead of calling a plethora of different individual companies as many consumers have to endure.

We were also commissioned to develop their logo which we also used to emphasize having an umbrella of coverage in one place. The website was made to be fully responsive and adaptive and the logo was a definite hit with our clients and their prospective clients.


JLS insurance has grown from a small to medium sized business within a years time. Their website gets tons of traffic and has resulted in an excess of conversions due to all of the information that is easily retrieved by consumers and prospective businesses.