The brand YourPetsList.com was a newly forming brand and needed all aspects of the brand designed including Logo, Marketing Material, Website Design, Social Media and animated commercials. They also wanted to launch a full marketing campaign to grow awareness of the brand throughout its design and upon launching of the site.


We started by building their brand which included: Logo, Business Cards, Flyers, website and social media platform designs.

To grow awareness of their brand across America to all Pet Lovers we began by launching a full social marketing campaign which included: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We also Launched a guerrilla Marketing campaign in which we shot out to dog parks across the nation and gave out doggie treats and informational flyers in order to grow awareness of the brand and its social media.

On Facebook and Twitter we began to search out friends and followers that were posting anything relating to Pets and engaging them in an effort to land them as followers, friends and likes. On YouTube we created a plethora of videos to peak interest and attract followers. An email campaign was also launched and emailed to thousands of prospective consumers.

Once the website was launched, in an effort to increase awareness, Ocuprosperity produced a commercial which will air on many different networks on television including: CNN, Animal Planet, A&E and more.


YourPetsList has enjoyed a successful launch which includes businesses of the pet variety across the nation. In regards to Twitter they currently have in excess of 115,000 followers, FaceBook over 16,000 likes, Instagram followers over 25,000 and last but not least their videos have been viewed more than 60,000 times.