Medical Blue RX


Medical Blue RX was shopping for a design for the their newly developed discounted prescription card and over-all branding design and were enticed by the designs they found we had provided to the Metropolitan Staffing company.


The Medical Blue RX brand was relatively new to the industry and wanted Ocuprosperity to completely create and design their brand and plastic prescription cards. We created their Logo and decided to make this a major showing upon their prescription card in an effort to
help the consumer begin the association process to the brand and the great prescription discounts consumers could enjoy when using this card at over 78 major pharmacy and pharmacy chains nationwide.

Our team developed the full branding and plastic card design which completely displayed the newly created logo prominently on the card in a way that would allow them to stand out thus helping consumers to decide to subscribe and receive the plastic prescription card.


Upon launch of the prescription card the Medical Blue RX was able to distribute and acquire over 100,000 subscribers within the first 6 months of the cards launch nationwide.