Metropolitan Staffing


Metropolitan needed a design for the packaging of their newly developed discounted prescription card along side of the design of the plastic prescription card itself.


The Metropolitan Staffing brand is a well known brand within the staffing industry with years in the industry. We decided that displaying their brand prominently on both the packaging and card design would allow for the prescription card and its adjoining packaging to stand out as well as give the consumer confidence that they were using a prescription card that would definitely provide them discounts.

Our team developed the full packaging and plastic card design which completely stayed within their original branding and displayed the card and its features in a way that would allow them to stand out thus helping consumers to decide to subscribe and receive the plastic prescription card.


Upon launch of the prescription card it was met with full enthusiasm from the staffing public as well as NYSA (New York Staffing Association). To date Metropolitan has enjoyed over 15,000 subscribers to the card and this number is growing exponentially by the day.