Christian Webworks Designs


Ocuprosperity was commissioned to completely develop the Christian Webworks designs brand including: Logo, animated logo, Business Card and Brochure as well as launching an in person campaign to bring awareness to his brand and offerings.


We started developing a logo which would emphasize the Godliness of his desire to help the church and its ministries to reach a higher number of young individuals online. The goal here was to create a memorable symbol and animation that screamed both Christianity and modernity for a company that aims to help its community spread its wings and influence to reach people via the world wide web.

Ocuprosperity also had the opportunity to compose the brochure and business card for Christian Webworks Designs. Our team decided to create consistency between the different marketing materials we designed by utilizing soft blue and cloudy backdrops while offering a more graphic interpretation of the Christian Webworks Designs logo.

Lastly we initiated a small campaign reaching out directly to churches, ministries, reverends, preachers by attending and hosting booths in several Christian Based events in the New York area and explaining in details the mission behind this web design firm.


Due to our design and implementation of the brand and its associated campaign, we were able to reach thousands of Christian individuals and ultimately to help this newly formed company to land on-going contracts with many different large Christian based organizations and societies.