Mydoc, a start-up which needed to build its brand and to develop a strong business plan and proposal in an effort to land and cultivate investment interest.


We began by conferring with the client to surmise what exactly where the different goals and strategies MyDoc would use to gain a relevant standing within their industry targets.

With this information and our writing techniques we were able to put together a strong business plan and proposal that detailed the exact plan and industry data which would lead MyDoc to becoming a successful business and standard within the industry of healthcare.

As an added point to entice prospective investors a PowerPoint presentation was developed which detailed the look and feel of the impending website design as well as statistical data that supported all of the information being presented. This along side of a strong
symbol created by Ocuprosperity to represent the company would give a great standing for presenting to prospective investors.


MyDoc is now in the initial stages of receiving a large investment from a giant within the healthcare industry and has received several offers for investment with the use of our business plan, proposal and presentation.