The brand Mipineye had no existing materials for their brand. They needed Ocuprosperity to design their website, logo and app look and feel.


We started by building their brand which included: Logo, website and their apps look and feel. We created an icon for their logo that had meaning behind it which included the story of the actual company and what its thought process was in regards to their star game.

Ocuprosperity created their entire star game look and feel as well as the icon that would be featured on all mobile technologies which download the game. We have also fully optimized there web content for Google and Bing searches in an effort to gain great search ranking.


Mipineye is currently in its last phase of game app development and has already received interest from several parties looking to purchase the game including King games which is one of the leaders in the gaming App industry. The icon we created as well as the website and App look and feel has impressed all who viewed everything. Studies were done in major universities within Ireland and all students and faculty loved the game, the concepts and its look and feel. None requested any changes in the way everything is laid out thus far.