Gourmet Shopping Cart


The brand Gourmet Shopping Cart needed a full overhaul of their website and brand which included: Logo, Graphic design, Website development and E-commerce capabilities.


We started developing a logo which would emphasize the high end delicacies they offer to their consumers. We also implemented this same look and feel in regards to their website and the way their products were displayed.

Their main emphasis was to build awareness of the brand to different retail locations in an effort to gain a steady base of orders on a week to week basis. We also over took their social media presence and started an SEO campaign. Lastly we over hauled their entire e-commerce system and developed a completely custom e -commerce solution that helped them to make their operations eficient and easily used by the consumer and retailer alike.


Upon launch of the site many potential retailers gained an appreciation for the site and the delicacies Gourmet Shopping Cart had to offer. They were able to land very high end retailers such as Dean and Delluca and are enjoying an overall raise in their week to week sales.