Eau-Claire Solutions


Eau-Claire Solutions had no existing brand and wanted Ocuprosperity to implement a logo for them that conveyed their city off Eau-Claire, clean flowing water and their name prominently.


We started by researching the Eau-Claire Skyline, specifically anything by any body of water located in Wisconsin. Once we found an adequate space we initiated the incorporation of a clean water environment with our use of grass and shrubbery and bright running water.

The Logo embodied a feeling of cleanliness and earth. This image was interpreted by consumers seeking their services as a sure sign that the company was all about keeping the waters of Wisconsin clean and industrial pollutant free.


The Eau-Claire company was so enthusiastic about their newly created logo they decided to prominently display it on many different marketing materials including Polo Shirts for their employees. Consumers found it memorable and they are enjoying a steady amount of business in the Wisconsin area and receive high praise in regards to the logo created for them by Ocuprosperity.

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