TFC “The Fitness Card


The brand TFC needed a full branding, website and PowerPoint presentation designed to start their company in the right direction.


We started with the design of their logo which featured different health and gym related components in an effort to show prospective consumers, gyms and sport stores what TFC represented. We initiated a complete branding process which included color, font and illustrations.

We went on to completely design all aspects of the new brand including the fitness card itself, a PowerPoint presentation which would be used to gain consumers and investors alike. We also completely designed and coded their website and provided all of the graphics for their database system front end. Ocuprosperity designed all aspects of their brand and provided them with a modern vivid design that would allow them to stand out as a maven within their industry.


Upon launch of the TFC brand they were instantly bought out including design and branding. The prospective buyers were very impressed with all of the designs incorporated into TFC and it branding and purchased exclusive rights from Ocuprosperity to use the graphics at their disposal. The original owners of TFC were ecstatic about the outcome and have recommended Ocuprosperity to various of their peers and industry contacts.