Munjack Marketing


The brand Munjack Marketing had no existing brand, they needed all branding and website development executed.


Ocuprosperity began by implementing a modern design in regards to the website as well as giving the owner a platform they could ultimately monitor and control on their own with no outside help or service requirements.

Their main emphasis was to build awareness of the brand in New York to business consumers and normal consumers. We incorporated tons of testimonials and career highlights in an effort to assure the prospective public that they were dealing with an industry professional that could deliver on all supplied services efficiently and effectively.


At launch of the site the client was so impressed they instantly asked us to join them in specific endeavors and Ocuprosperity became their go to designer in regards to all of their clients that were in need of our types of services. Also upon launch of the site Munjack Marketing was able to land a huge client within the Real Estate industry in New York and is currently in a few years long contract servicing all of their marketing needs. She attributes this success to her professionalism as well as the beautiful design brought to her by Ocuprosperity.