Dox Consultants


Dox Consultants commissioned our team to provide a strong logo that displayed their name prominently, showed a serious edge and a connection to health.


We started by researching what consumers and clients within the medical field as well as patients found to be an indicator of health and seriousness. We found that the number one response was that of the Heart Monitor.

Our main emphasis was to incorporate the Heart Monitor in a memorable way within the use of their lettering. We accomplished this task within the letter o of their first name. We were able to bring this feeling forward without impacting the strong lettering of the name itself, hence their name became both very easy to distinguish within the logo and the symbolism also embodied the desired seriousness and health benefits associated with the company.


Dox Consultants immediately appreciated the clean and strong emphasis placed on the name of the business as well as the lasting effect of the heart monitor symbolism. Dox Consulting is now spreading to other cities and markets across the united states and revels in the fact that they have such a memorable logo to display to prospective doctors and medical facilities.