Third Street South


The brand Third Street South needed a full redesigning in an effort to make their destination stand out amongst their peers in the industry of Florida.


Our approach was to bring to light the beauty and great amenities this area had to offer to all those who might travel to this destination in Florida. We also went as far as to add specific high end venues, spa’s and fine dining establishments in an effort to educate the prospective traveler as to what one could expect from booking this as their destination.

We featured many of the great hotels and their proximity to the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. We also brought to light the vivid history and antiquities that were currently being featured.


Third Street South has gradually increased in regards to overall visitation. All venues, spa’s, hotels and fine dining establishments have also enjoyed an increase in business and all has been accredited to the launch of their newly designed website as well as the SEO work, making them a great source of information on Google and all other major search engines.