Enterprise Technology Services


The brand Enterprise Technology Services wanted to associate the business with both speed and technology through the use of 3 ad banners.


We started by going to the streets of New York City, Midtown Manhattan and surveying business professional in an effort to find what indicators businesses and business professional associate with speed and Technology. 75% of professionals surveyed all conveyed a stop watch and race track as indicating speed. 60% indicated that 0′s and 1′s and the globe encompassed technology.

With the help of these surveys, Ocuprosperity was able to develop three very strong high quality images that conveyed and associated speed and technology to Enterprise Technology Services. Entechserv also went on to change their logo due to all of the responses for the stop watch to also include this same ideal.


Enterprise Technology Services has gone on to survey in regards to the website and the ad banners and has found that on first view of all banners about 91% of all professional surveyed stated they felt that the company is fast and that technology is in fact their world. Enterprise Technology Services has seen an 150% increase in conversions from their website within the first year of incorporating these ad banners designed by Ocuprosperity.

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