We Love Baskets


The brand We Love Baskets had no existing brand, they needed all branding and website development executed. They also had no existing marketing and their sales were dwindling.


We started by building their brand which included: Logo, Business Cards, Stickers, Twitter, Labels, Banners, Website, Flyers and more. We are also in process of developing a full e-commerce solution.

Their main emphasis was to build awareness of the brand in New York to business consumers and normal consumers. We formulated a sales plan to offer boutiques the baskets on consignment and with a earning potential of 15% of each basket sold, we also added an extra 5% to any business that would display a We Love Baskets banner in the window. We had our marketing team hit the streets and start introducing the brand with gift baskets in hand to show off to Boutiques that might be interested in selling these items.
Upon launch of their website our marketing team went to over 150 boutiques in the Yonkers area and invited all of the boutique owners to a free eat and great event where over 75 business owners were introduced to the brand and many signed on to become We Love Basket providers.


We Love Baskets is growing at a steady rate, their sales are increasing week by week. They started out as a one person business and is now at 4. They are also looking for a physical location in both the Long Island area as well as the Queens and Yonkers area. We took a small business from one person and hardly any sales to an over 500% increase in sales within the first month and they are now able to afford several physical locations. We will also be hosting another launch party for their e-commerce website where they will offer all of their baskets online.