Wise Council LLC


The brand Wise Counsel needed a complete remodeling of sorts which included their website,logo, brochures, business cards and more.


We started by concentrating on their logo which would be their fundamental icon. We provided them 1 concept for a logo in text which instantly gained the recognition of the CEO’s peers within the industry. It was decided right then and there that this logo would
represent their agency and the website and other marketing materials would follow suit.

We are currently in the last phase of their design efforts in regards to their website and marketing materials. The CEO is extremely content to receive her website and has nothing but praise received from all employees and industry peers.


The logo and design concepts were considered to be such a great design, upon the CEO showing the work accomplished thus far to other agency and business owners we have had a plethora of her peers contacting our agency to use our design services and have been able to contract 3 new clients from our interaction with Wise Counsel LLC.