Your BeezWax


YourBeezwax.com was seeking a brand experience that could be fun for free online gamers, adults and children alike.


Our team employed a variety of our services for the benefit of the logo, website and graphics. The fun logo design featuring character “Bizzy the Bee” is the official logo for the free online gaming website YourBeezwax.com. Our team was commissioned to develop a character that could be fun for children and adults alike.

Our team developed the character “Bizzy the Bee” as both a logo and mascot for this free online gaming project. The layout includes an especially fun animated background the folks at YourBeezwax.com called “Bizzy’s Arcade”.


YourBeezwax.com has enjoyed a plethora of online gamers and features over 100,000 users to date. Our designs of the logo and website have attracted gamers, children and adults from all over the world. Recently YourBeezwax.com was offered a purchase agreement that they eventually turned down because of their ongoing success with the website and they are now looking to spread the brand to all sorts of sell-able products.