ZepInvest needed Ocuprosperity to formulate a format for their monthly newsletters that would captivate their readers as well as portray and feature the content in a way that would keep their prospective and current clients informed.


Ocuprosperity went to work on a format that would ultimately have enough room for ZepInvest to feature a plethora of information while still providing a graphically rich and modern template that would assure the readership of the intended prospective and current clientele.

A newspaper format was the perfect fit, allowing ZepInvest to have the information they wanted displayed in a clear and concise format as well as having the ability to add images and furthermore enticing consumers to sign up and register for services that where currently being offered.


ZepInvest put this format to work on all of their physical and digital mailings. Their prospective and current clientele were impressed with this format right away and many not only joined the services being offered but ZepInvest also enjoyed an overall raise in the amount of users who signed up for their newsletters as well as becoming clients.