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Responsive and adaptive design, what is that?

Responsive and adaptive design, what is that?

I am pretty sure many of you internet entrepreneurs and personal website owners have heard a ton of people in person and online mentioning the importance of responsive and adaptive design. So what exactly do those terms indicate?

Responsive and Adaptive DesignResponsive design – This is the ability for your website to conform to whatever screen type or medium it is being viewed upon. Basically it means your site looks great whether it is on a PC, I-pad, smart phone or any other medium you may have. Responsive design is important for many reasons and the most important is the fact that more people today are using their mobile mediums to view website more than on their current computers. So if your website is not responsive you can easily become obsolete. Remember one bad experience on your website by any individual user will mean you will loose that individual and furthermore you can loose anyone that individual communicates with.

Adaptive design – many online users believe this to be the same as responsive design but there are definitely some differences. Responsive responds to the medium it is displayed on, adaptive changes dependent of the medium it is displayed on. For instance if you have a main header image or banner on your website a responsive website will crop the image and display it in a way that is still viewable, an adaptive design on the other hand will physically change out the image into one that is better suited for the specific screen resolution it is being displayed upon.

As you can see there are some differences between responsive and adaptive design but one thing is for sure. In order to stay a relevant source of information, service or your particular product, you must be willing to convert your website to feature responsive and adaptive design. If you are in need of these types of service, I might know a company that can help you. Please look out for more information and blog posts and our soon to open e-book shop.

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