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Tips and tricks on growing your Twitter following

Tips and tricks on growing your Twitter following

TwitterTwitter is another great resource on the web that can help you to spread your business, services or products online. Here you can easily grow your followers and post relevant information on a daily basis that could definitely impact public perception and help a wider audience become more aware of your brand. Below I will detail five great tips and tricks on growing your twitter following.

  • You have to give to get: the best way to start your following strong is to search out the biggest competitors in your industry and start following their followers. On average two out of three people you follow on Twitter will follow you back. This method allows you to gain targeted followers that are already interested in your industry.
  • Search for your public: twitter features a great search engine which will allow you to search by key word. One you make this search you encounter Twitter users that are mentioning and discussing your specific key word. Send them a response to whatever they are saying and follow them.
  • Do not be the Twitter sales person: you’re tweets should be informative, fun and related to your business, service or product. If you are constantly trying to sell within your tweets users will lose interest and your following will diminish.
  • ¬†Tweet daily: on average you should be tweeting daily at least 3 to 5 times a day. Here is an extra tip, the best times to tweet world wide is 12:pm to 3:pm GMT.
  • Get re-tweeted: when your tweets are re-tweeted your tweets are being spread to the user who retreated you users. This means your tweets are getting spread to a wider audience base. Believe it or not the best way to get re-tweeted is to simply ask within your tweets. For example you can end your tweet as follows: please re-tweet.

Follow the above stated Tips and Tricks on growing your Twitter following and you will see your network grow. The more people you know on Twitter the more power you hold. Please keep a look out for more informative Blog posts and lastly we will also feature E-books in our shop in the weeks to come.


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