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The why and how about WordPress

The why and how about WordPress

WordPress may have started as a simple blogging format CMS (Content Management System) but it has surely become a versatile, easy to use CMS that can be applied to any type of website you could think of.

WordPress comes with many benefits attached, here are five of them:


  • You can edit or update your site from anywhere - Because WordPress is a browser based CMS (which basically means you can access it from any computer that has internet access), you have the accessibility to write an article, make a change to your content, even add or subtract pages from anywhere you might have internet access.
  • If you have a team they can all log in to your site - Even for those of us who have a business and need multiple members to have the ability to log in to either make changes or add content, WordPress accommodates this functionality and supports different level log in types natively.
  • Endless easy additions of functionality - As easy as installing a piece of software on your PC, you can very easily install what are called plugins on WordPress. These plugins can add a variety of different functions. These include calendars, Newsletter signup, polls, menus and much more. The best part is that you can find a ton of free ones online.
  • Open up an eCommerce site - Now with the onslaught of Woo-commerce (a free eCommerce tool associated with WordPress) you can even open an eCommerce store seamlessly. This gives you tons of options. These options include allowing you to import your products, set pricing, input descriptions, upload images and more.
  • Lastly your look and feel can change whenever you want - Because WordPress is such a huge CMS provider, tons of designers and programmers have customized specific industry templates and themes. Many of these can be found online for free. You can literally change your websites look and feel once a week for a year and never find the end of the free templates available.
As you can see from the benefits above, you cannot go wrong choosing WordPress as your CMS provider. Of course there are issues in regards to security that take a little effort but that is a topic for another post. Please keep a look out for more informative articles here on thanks for reading.